Elopement by Donation

LOVE KNOT YVR is a project to fundraise for animal charities in Greater Vancouver area. We elope couples for free, you can marry your best friend, witnessed by your beloved pooch, while sharing our love for animals in need. 


Love 4 Animals

We are animals lovers but it is not easy to help all of them, so we decided to fundraise by marrying couples who make donations to the partnered organization of each event, so we will be able to help more animals in need. LOVE KNOT YVR is our passion, let's make it happen! 


Sustainable Ceremonies

In each LOVE KNOT YVR event we elope our couples at a location which focuses on the natural beauty of our land. We want you to feel the love and energy around you, allowing you to start this new phase in your relationship on the right foot. 

Eloping also means we can keep our impact on the earth small.

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Are you interested in volunteering with us? Animal charity organizations looking for partnership? Email hello@loveknotyvr.ca

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By participating in LOVE KNOT YVR, you are:

  • Showing your love for animals

  • Supporting the humans who dedicate their hearts to save animal lives

  • Taking part to respect, protect, and preserve the nature land


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