Why & How to Elope in Vancouver?


Of course you can elope anywhere in the world, pretty much. But not all countries allow you to elope anywhere you want. Some countries can only let you elope in the City Hall or the Courthouse.

In Vancouver, you can experience the beauty of four seasons: spring cherry blossoms a.k.a. sakura, summer beaches & blue sky, fall foliage and picturesque winter landscapes. Our province is surrounded by soaring ancient trees, snowcapped mountain tops, rustic barns, vineyards, and clear lakes. The nature is truly a gift from above, people from all over the world are coming to Vancouver to adventure and get married at the same time. 


You can be as creative as you want, and to legalize your marriage in Vancouver, BC is pretty simple. The steps for getting married legally is the same for Canadians (citizens and permanent residents) as well as non-residents and travellers from outside of the country.

Apply for Marriage Licence:

Get your license anywhere in British Columbia for a fee one of the locations listed here. It’s only valid for 3 months, so don't pick it up too early. They only need one of you to be present at time of application, but make sure to bring ID for both of you, for example, passport or birth certificate.

Hire a Marriage Commissioner or an Officiant:

Either a marriage commissioner of a wedding officiant can legalize your marriage in Vancouver, BC. Marriage commissioners are registered under Vital Statistics BC, they are semi-retired or retired and appointed by the province. They can only perform civil ceremonies. Marriage Officiants like Pastors or Priests can perform religious ceremonies or Celebrants like us can perform interfaith, intercultural ceremonies with personalized and creative elements.

Pick the Ceremony Location: 

Literally you can get hitched ANYWHERE in British Columbia. Elopement locations we have officiated so far include the beach, woods, parks, cafes, coffee shops, at the couple's homes or in their backyards etc. 

Do you know you do not need to apply for a Park Permit when your total of guests attending is 15 or less, without any decor and setup? You can find information here for getting married in parks in Vancouver. If you choose to tie the know at your favourite cafe or coffee shop, make sure to get the permission from the owner.

It is very important to ask for the cost of renting a location in case there is a fee involved.

Look for something simple but more creative, or you simply want 100% stress free? You can consider to hire our elopement planner to help you through the process, email us if your would like to discuss your elopement plan with us.


BC law requires the presence of two witnesses attending in order for legalize a marriage. They will have to sign the necessary documents. You can choose 2 of your attending guests to be your witness. However when that’s not the case, you can ask us to arrange the witnesses for you, or if you hire a planner and photographer, they can be your witness, too!

When everything is set, whether you are eloping locally or travel to Vancouver to get hitched, make sure to have fun! It is going to be your special moment to celebrate, the lifetime commitment and a ceremony just for you two. Just focus on what makes you happy and memorable.

Excited to elope in Vancouver? Contact us to say yes to the journey of marriage!

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