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“We do not remember days,

                                           we remember moments.” ~Cesare Pavese


Every life is unique and memorable. A funeral service honouring the wishes and needs of the deceased and their loved ones, using symbolism from East to West such as incense lighting, memorial candle lighting, eulogies, poetry readings and illustrating unique aspects of the deceased – truthful, loving, honest and uplifting.

Together with their beloved families, we create a personal ceremony for them, learn about their contributions and how they have touched the lives of others.

Our celebrants specialize in services for Chinese traditions, and we can perform ceremonies in English, Cantonese & Mandarin.

For funerals, please contact your Funeral Home to arrange our service for you.

If you would like the memorial ceremony to take place at home or somewhere meaningful, you can get in touch with us for a free phone/email consultation.

Vancouver BC Funeral Celebrant
Vancouver BC Funeral Memorial Celebrant


For families who have chosen cremation for a loved one, the next decision involves what to do with the remains. Some choose to keep the cremated remains in their home, have them placed in a columbarium niche at a local cemetery, or scatter the ashes in a meaningful place. In British Columbia, there is currently no restriction on where cremated remains may be scattered, as long as you have the permission of the local government or land-owner. 


We can create a personalized sacred ceremony for the disposition of cremains at the location of your choosing: at sea, mountain top, in a forest or near a lake, which we also partnered with SKY Helicopters to create a special fight to honor your loved one's passion for the outdoors in the most memorable way. We mark the exact GPS location of the ceremony and preserve this for your safekeeping. You will be able to recognize this spot as a permanent memorial to your loved one’s life.

To know more about Scattering Ceremony in BC, get in touch with us for a free email/phone consultation.

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