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What is Elopement?

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Have you ever thought of getting married without inviting any guests, not even telling anyone and simply plan for a quick but memorable ceremony just for you two? It may seem like wedding is the classic, but elopement is getting more popular these days in Canada. In fact, many couples even choose romantic destinations, or secret locations to elope to, to celebrate your marriage in an extraordinary way.


Before deciding on eloping or not, you should first read the pros and cons for eloping.


- A celebration in YOUR way, in terms of budget, plan and organization 

- It is also your travel experience, your honeymoon or a photo trip 

- The focus is the meaning of the celebration and to create a short but long lasting memory in your lifetime


- No more party with friends 

- You might need some time to explain what elopement is all about to your family 

- You do not book a formal wedding venue, instead you choose a space to celebrate in a casual but cozy way, such as the backyard, a cafe; or just pick a spot in the nature.

Although the definition of eloping is "running away," the meaning is slightly different when it comes to wedding ceremony. An elopement ceremony usually means to get married without telling everyone, some couples may choose not to tell their parents; imagine that you are crossing all the unnecessary things out from a wedding checklist, just keeping the ones you think they are meaningful to you.

To elope may also suggest that you forgo a traditional wedding and elope for the ceremony instead. In elopements, the ceremony is usually shorter, skipping the traditional parts such as processional and recessional; also minimize the decor and setting, thus keep it simple and stress-free so that the couple could focus on what really mattered: the marriage and lifelong commitment.

Elopement in Whistler


Choosing to elope does not necessarily mean completely skipping a wedding or a reception to celebrate the occasion. Commonly, couples who elope simply want to have a more intimate and private wedding setting with a limited number of guests, usually just the parents, or with a few of their close friends, or just even two of them.

To plan for an elopement, consider which elements are important for you. For instance, since you have crossed of a big part of the stress and cost from the wedding list, you now can now travel to a more special destination to get eloped. You may still want to plan to exchange rings, write your own wedding vows; you may want to arrange a time for your "first look" or choose attire, no matter formal or casual. Many couples also like to have hire their favourite photographer to capture the ceremony, and some portraits after pronounced as husband and wife. You can also keep having your bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere or having simple decor setup.

Many couples now choose elope away from where they reside, then host a small reception or gathering so that friends and family can celebration with them when return home. 


Of course you can elope almost anywhere in the world. But not all countries allow you to elope anywhere you want. Some countries can only let you elope in the City Hall or the Courthouse. In Vancouver, you can experience the beauty of four seasons: spring cherry blossoms a.k.a. sakura, summer beaches & blue sky, fall foliage and picturesque winter landscapes.

For the simplest way to get hitched in Vancouver, you will need to:

1. Get your marriage licence in one of these locations, as soon as 3 months prior to your event date

2. Hire a licenced Vancouver marriage officiant (that's us!) to create a personal and memorial elopement ceremony for you two

3. Find a location (a wedding permit maybe needed for some regions in Greater Vancouver area)

4. Choose 2 witnesses

And now you are ready to getaway and have fun!

If you are traveling to Vancouver, you may want to find out more on why and how to elope in Vancouver HERE

Excited to elope in Vancouver? Contact us to say yes to the journey of marriage!


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