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Welcome aboard for this amazing elopement adventure!

From the experience of our married couples, we have come up with a list of tips on how you can enjoy your big day.

1. Sample Itinerary

We will require to arrive at departure location 30 minutes prior to flight time in order to check-in and do a safety briefing. Time schedule for each Fly High Elopement may vary slightly, below is a sample itinerary that you can take a look as reference:

30 mins - Check-in & safety briefing at heliport/seaplane terminal before departure

10-20 mins - Flying to destination

15 mins - Elopement ceremony at landing point (ceremony will be photo-documented)

20 mins - Portrait session with photographer

10 mins - The Couple's Time: We will set aside a romantic time for you two to enjoy the scenic view, whether you just wanna chill, have some selfies or if you wanna do a first dance, we have music ready! You can also add a champagne & chocolate basket for $150, just let us know 1 week in advance.

10-20 mins - Flying back to heliport/seaplane terminal

2. What You Need to Prepare

In general, please pack light and prepare only necessary belongings to take with you, since there is weight limit in the aircraft. Here are some things that will become handy during the tour:

  • OUTFIT: Elopement style gown, aka lightweight and simple, is a better option than wearing formal wedding dress. It will be much easier for the bride to walk comfortably, especially when going in and out of the aircraft. If you are flying during fall/winter, groom can layer up with thermal underwear, and bride can wear thermal leggings under the dress. If you need to wear jackets/parkas during the ceremony, it is recommended to wear matching color outerwear with your dress & suit.

  • SHOES: For groom, make sure to wear non-slip shoes, and bride please wear flats. You will not be able to walk with high heels.

  • HAIRSTYLE: For groom, hair spray is your friend! Use hair spray to make sure your hairstyle won't mess up by the wind. For bride, veil and loose hairstyle is a no. Let your hairstylist know you need an updo that can stand strong wind and can stay well for photos.

  • MUST BRING: Marriage licence, rings and your vow books/vow cards, if you have your vows saved in your phone, make sure you have offline access.  

  • Bring your mosquito repellent as mosquitoes are hungry up there.

  • Apply sunscreen!!


3. What to Expect (and not to)

  • Expect we will be flying with a trustworthy pilot. Helicopter pilots are highly trained professionals who have flown many times in the same route, in a variety of weather conditions, thus our final landing destination is determined by the pilot. We might not be able to tell you exactly where we will be landing, but your pilot will ensure we will land safely on a destination with the most scenic view. And most important of all, listen to the pilot at all times.

  • Expect the ceremony is going to be emotional. Groom, you can hide a few Kleenex in your pocket for you to wipe your bride's happy tears. 

  • Take some time to write your vows. You can follow our suggestions in the email we have sent you for some ideas. During an elopement, the destination is remote so the time and place is all yours, it doesn't matter how long or short the vows are, it's the genuine message and promise that matters.

  • Don't expect the temperature and weather condition will be the same at destination, especially if we are flying to mountaintop. It could be cooler and windy.

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