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Wedding Rituals & Their Meanings

These days more and more couples choose to have their wedding ceremonies personalized, and wedding rituals are many different “unity” ceremonies that couples will perform to symbolically unite them as a couple, or two families as one. There are many of them you may have seen at your friends’ weddings such as:

  • Candle Lighting

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Tea/Wine Ceremony

  • Love Letter / Vows Exchange Ceremony

Rituals can be more spiritual and based on religious practices, while there are also some born out of creativity. Here is a list of many of the ceremony rituals our Officiants have performed for our couples and the meaning they hold.

Unity Plant Ritual

This is a very eco-friendly option for couples who would like to go green! A pot of soil free tropical plant is specially chosen by the Officiant, which symbolizes the roots of a marriage, and the continued growth of love, when the plant is taking care with love, it will slowly climb and grow, just like encouragement, trust, and love can nurture and nourish your perfect marriage. You will be performing this ritual by pouring water together into the pot.

Key of Marriage Ritual

From the earliest times, the key has been a symbol of opening and closing powers, such as the power to open the door between this world and the next. When the Officiant holds the key in his/her hand, the Key symbolizes the power to unlock the door to a brand new and happy life adventure, a starting point to a new chapter of life together with love, laughter and happiness.

Water Blending Ceremony

Similar to unity sand, we can be creative and substitute the sand for colored water. Color of water symbolizes the core values in a marriage. When 2 colors are mixed, the water can never be divided again, just as the sanctity of marriage can never be divided and broken. and to represent two individuals coming together to create a new pure start together.

The Love Knot Ceremony

Or also called Tying the Knot ceremony, your marriage is symbolized by the tying of a fisherman's knot, also know as True Lover’s Knot. In this ritual, the couple will pull two small knots together, which symbolize two individuals, and form a big heart shape, a symbol of their strong marriage.

Although the fisherman's knot is one of the simplest to tie, it is also one of the sturdiest in which its bond will not break, and it will only become even stronger under pressure. And that’s why it is also called the True Lover’s Knot. The phrase “hand in marriage” also stems from this practice.

Planning for a personalized ceremony? Contact us now to know how we can incorporate these creative ritual into your ceremony to visualize the unity of marriage!

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