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How to Write Elopement Vows?

Many couples we work with have been feeling lost when it comes to writing their vows. Some have google searched for samples and ideas since the beginning of wedding planning, while there are also couples who want to leave their vows to the last minute, and at the end they would just give up and using template vows instead. There is no reason to force yourself to write your own personal vows, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. The traditional vows that have been passed down from generation to generation has their own beauty, too. But after the time spending with each other, you might also have something to say to each other, whether it is a sincere appreciation or a lifelong promise.

With elopement, you have the opportunity to disregard traditional vow templates and ceremonial proceedings. When you elope, the ceremony becomes your own space to make your promise with each other without many audiences listening to your intimate promises.

So now you know you got complete freedom to be vulnerable and honest with your partner, how do you begin to write your vows? Remember, your vows are unique and personal, only between you and your partner. There’s no wrong way to write them. But here are a few things to consider as you write your elopement vows:


We encourage writing your own vows separately, because it is going to be a gift that will be revealed on your big day. Keep your vows in a good length. A good rule of thumb? Aim for about 1 minute of speaking time.


Your elopement is a celebration, you can begin your vows with past memories: make this a time to tell your partner the early memories you cherish, when was the moment you first knew you loved them. These moments deserve to be heard and celebrated, Meaningful vows are often hopeful, sensible, and grounded in reality. There might be funny and unforgettable moments you have experienced together, so why not add them into your vows?!

As you write your vows, reflect on “how is our life going to be different after we go through this?” Make your vows concrete, and don't forget to make your genuine promises on how you’ll love your partner in different challenges when your new life journey begins.


If you can, try handwriting your wedding vows. A handwritten vow is the best keepsake for each other, and it is truly unique. It’s been proven that writing something by hand imprints your words into your memory more effectively. Write your vows on a nice piece of paper, or there are also Vow Books available to purchase online. If you are crafty enough, you can make your own vow books too! You’ll be so thankful for the tactile, physical reminder of these promises in the years to come.

Plus, did we mention how beautiful handwritten vows look for photos?


Your vows will not be graded by your partner, your guests, or your officiant. The true words from your heart is going to be the best vows for your partner. Don’t sacrifice what you want to say because it may seem too cheesy, too cliché, or doesn’t sound intellectual enough. Express your love in the way that feels the most genuine to you, and that is what will matter most.

Still looking for some ideas to write your own vows? Check out this blog post Beautiful Wedding Vow Examples for Modern Couples to get started!

So are you planning to get eloped in Vancouver? Contact us to know more about our elopement ceremonies!

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